A year of hard work completed!

So, it's a year on from when I first (nervously) began my Kickstarter campaign in the hope that friends, family and the general public would support and kindly donate towards producing my first album.

I feel like the luckiest man in the world as it was so fantastically supported and I couldn't be more grateful. Not only did I reach the target but thank to my generous donators, we surpassed it! Thank you to Damon Hatton for helping me along the way.

Over the course of the last year with several ups and downs but with so many people behind me, I have finally completed my first album 'Unexpected Star.' an album packed full of musical theatre greats, old and new, that I love singing and would appeal to all tastes.

It was touch and go but with a lot of kind help, particularly from Jonathan Francis who orchestrated the whole thing tirelessly and organised me too! Phil Stovin, who worked like a mad man to get the artwork, album, CD's and programmes completed in time for the launch concert. We finally managed to pull off what I can only describe as the most wonderful concert I imagined! (with a little bit of Billy Joel thrown in for good measure) My friends, Hilary Leam, Sara Evans-Bolger and Davron Hicks along with the Chesterfield studios youth theatre group Kindly stood alongside me to entertain a sold out Derby Theatre for the album launch which was easily the most satisfying achievement since I stood on the stage at Drury Lane Theatre and sang 'Bring Him Home' which led to all of this.

Thank you to all those that came along to support me. Thank you to those behind the scenes for the show. Phil Simcox, Heath Parkin, Stephen Greatorex, Harry Greatorex and the wonderful orchestra.

My album is now on sale here or by contacting me directly through Facebook - 'Andy Quinn Unexpected Star'

or email Andy.quinn2016@gmail.com.

I am pleased to say the feedback from the concert and the album is very positive and I have had comments from all over the world which is lovely to hear! So, please, grab yourself a copy!

So what next?

Well, as promised to my family I am taking a short break awaiting the arrival of child number three, any minute now! After that it's time to step things up a gear. Get out into the big wide world, but first due to the fact that so. many people missed the sell out concert it seems there may need to be another!? So watch this space!

I am also considering a more 'intimate' evening involving guests sat around tables in a more 'cabaret' style environment and featuring just Jonathan at his piano and myself as there are so many songs that sound beautiful in that kind of setting..... let's see if I can twist his arm?

On top of that my daughters are pestering me to make some more music for my Youtube channel. (I think they want to jump in on a song again!)

So a couple of things to look forward to and some giant leaps to be made.

Once again thanks to those that supported me. I couldn't do all of this without you .

Andy xx

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