Concert date announced

So I thought I might add a very quick update seeing as action is ramping up at the minute!

This week has been spent in the recording studio getting the vocals finished for the album which has been a great experience and has produced some pleasing results. I am very excited indeed to get this finished and hear the final product. I know some have been waiting a little longer than we thought for this so my sincere apologies and I do hope it is worth it in the end!

With the album now in its final stages I am also very very pleased and excited to announce that I have booked and confirmed a venue for my album launch concert which will be held at the Derby Theatre on the 5th May. I have performed many times at this theatre and always had a wonderful experience performing there. It was actually the first 'professional' Theatre I ever had an opportunity to perform at some 20 or so years ago.

I will be performing the songs from my upcoming album 'Unexpected Star' and will be joined by a few very close friends who I have been performing alongside for a number of years in the local area. On top of this the Chesterfield Studios Youth Theatre members will be alongside me for some ensemble numbers and one or two performances of their own!

Finally. Heres something I never thought I would say! I think I am happy to announce that I will be doing the 'Full Monty' in April! I still can't decide if I am excited or just absolutely foolish, but no doubt this will be an amazing show! I will be playing the lead, 'Jerry' alongside the very talented Chesterfield Operatic Society members for this show at the Pomegranate Theatre in Chesterfield. The last time I was here with this fantastic group was for 'Jesus Christ Superstar' a couple of years ago. Quite possibly my all time favourite part and definitely one of the best shows I have performed in.

So thats it! lots going on in the very near future. Rehearsals, album completion, concert promoting. Its going to be a busy few months for me. Im looking forward to the arrival of the baby so that I can get a rest!

Take care for now

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