Recording begins! (and other news)

So its been a busy few weeks for me, as it always seems to be on the run up to Christmas! I have alot of pressure to get the Album produced as well as the usual concerts that come with Christmas time.

So just recently my fantastic singing partner Hilary Leam and I performed at a charity concert at the Derby Cathedral. As well as it being for a very worthy cause - MS. It was also a wonderful venue to sing at with beautiful acoustics and a lovely audience of some very generous, charitable and prestigious people.

Not only that but I have literally just been informed that on the back of that the two of us have just secured a fantastic, very personal invitation to sing again at an amazing venue (and very famous one) though not really known for housing singers! More on this at a later date!

So whats been happening this week? Well, this week marks the beginning of the album I have been working towards for some time (though to be fair one or two others have put their fair share of work into this project) Particularly my very good friend and companion Mr Jonathan Francis who has tirelessly orchestrated on this to provide some absolute gold. The musicians are all recorded and I take my hat off to them for how superb they were. I cant imagine my vocals will be as easy to deal with than they were!

So over the next couple of weeks the vocals will be finished at the Foundry recording studios in Chesterfield (and what a great recording engineer we have) and then it will be off to another good friend of mine Phil Stovin who is creating a wonderful CD sleeve/booklet for the album, and hopefully from there we will be set to go! It all sounds so easy doesnt it?................. The pressure is certainly on.

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