A busy few months ahead!

So today was originally supposed to be my second day in to my album recording..... however after a minor hitch with a couple of things, my schedule has changed.

To be honest its not a problem for me. I have plenty to keep me busy, my biggest concern was the potential for letting the kind people who have donated towards my crowdfunding campaign down.

So where are we at is the question I have no doubt you are asking? Well, its going to be a busy few months before Christmas. For a start we have a new recording place and time slot which is now the second week in November. It is going to be a frantic push to get done as planned before Christmas but the plan is to get all of the groundwork done before then, so it should be a piece of cake shouldn't it?

The songs for the album are being arranged as we speak. There are still some tweaks to be made to the running order. These will be decided I am sure very late on when we hear how they blend together. I am also toying with the idea of dropping a couple of 'non theatre' numbers in there to allow it to branch to a wider audience. That's still to be confirmed.

I have recorded the exclusive track which was promised to all pledges no matter how big or small. This was done at home with my own very fine (pfft) mixing and mastering skills and equipment.

The photos for the album are finished and looking fantastic. You can see the quality I am sure from the selection used on the website here. Thanks to Stuart Wood photography for these. Its nice to have such talent in the family!

My logo has been designed and finished and I have a selection to use for different themes and backgrounds so a special thanks to Phil Stovin for this. A wonderful job and I look forward to the next stage of working on the album cover and CD insert with him.

So its all go at the minute for me but still finding the time to post the odd song recording in the meantime so keep your eyes out!

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