Hi, my name is Andy Quinn. I currently work as a Firefighter for Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Fire & Rescue service. My other passion of course, and why you are here is singing.

Since a very early age I have had a keen interest in musical theatre, particularly singing. I have spent many years singing, acting (and sometimes dancing) in shows in and around Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire in some wonderful venues such as the Derby Theatre, Derby Assembly Rooms, Palace Theatre Mansfield and the Pomegranate Theatre Chesterfield.

I have been very fortunate enough to take on many lead roles in some of my favourite shows such as Jesus & Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar. Freddie in Chess, Curly in Oklahoma, Fred in Kiss me Kate and Billy in 42nd Street to name but a few.

In August 2016 I was lucky enough to be surprised by my lovely wife Emma with the help of a couple of very close friends and Nottinghamshire Fire Service. Who, over a period of months of secret auditions (that I was unaware of taking part in!) organised me to be the Unexpected Star of the Show on BBC 1's Michael McIntyre's 'Big Show'. 

I was tricked in to travelling to London under the pretence that I was delivering Fire Safety talks to community workers through the Fire Service. Unbeknown to me I was being filmed all of the time in front of a live audience of 2500 people and furthermore led down a corridor to a false room to collect fire extinguishers. Whilst in there the walls of the room fell apart to reveal me standing on Londons West End's biggest stage at the       Drury Lane Theatre.

I was convinced into singing a song I was completely unfamiliar with and with just an hours worth of rehearsals I was performing to the live audience a rendition of 'Bring Him Home' from the musical 'Les Miserables'

I was aired on the first episode of the series in December and watched by over 6.5 million viewers in the UK. Since then the show has been aired in several other countries from around the world including Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

The Youtube video of the show has had over half a million hits and I have had fantastic feedback from people from all over the world which has been wonderful. The recent facebook release has had almost 2 million views too! Which is quite astounding!!!

Following on from my appearance on television I have been very fortunate to begin broadening my singing activities and have appeared and still do as a guest soloist with many Orchestras, Concerts and companies. I have been a regular singer with the Derbyshire based 'Sinfonia viva' Orchestra and have performed with this wonderful company at the Royal Concert Hall Nottingham and one of the highlights of my career sang at the Darley Park Proms Derby to an audience of 20,000 people which was an incredible experience. 

In Feb 2017 I decided to begin a Kickstarter campaign to fund and create an album which successfully raised over £7,000. In May 2018 I completed the album of Musical Theatre songs and released it at an album launch concert at the Derby Theatre which completely sold out 4 weeks before the performance. The concert was a huge success and my album has been distributed to listeners al over the world since, which I am extremely proud of.

For now, I continue to develop my portfolio as a concert singer performing for most function types including weddings, social dances, special occasions and parties as well as regularly organising my own concerts in the Derbyshire and Nottingham area. I specialise in Musical Theatre, Swing, Rat Pack, Vintage music and popular party music with set lists to suit all occasions but can turn my hand to many genres and musical tastes.


I am also part of a singing duo Double Time with my good friend Hilary Leam. Performing for weddings, functions, concerts and parties. Please feel free to check the contents page for details of booking me or Double Time.

Special thanks go to the many people who have helped me on my way. My many friends in musical theatre who have supported me. My wife Emma, whom without making me cross and giving me the surprise of my life when thrusting me on stage in front of the world, I wouldn't be doing so much more of what I love like I am now. My three beautiful children Mila, Grace & Arlo who provide me with such happiness. My parents Pat & Carole for supporting me all through my years of theatre and singing (and buying so many tickets to watch me!) My work colleagues for their part in the Big Show. My good friends Heath Parkin,  Jonathan Francis and Phil Simcox for their help and support throughout and for playing their part in the 'Big Show' setup and my activities since. Damon Hatton whom without his push, organisation and support, the album and Kickstarter campaign would have never come to fruition. Jonathan Francis for helping me produce the album and putting my name out there, and finally all of my friends and acquaintances that have offered me so much support during the last months and pledged and donated to my campaign to help me further my musical activities. 

       Michael             Mcintyres          'Big Show'

In Dec 2016 Andy was the Unexpected Star on michael Mcintyres Big Show where he sung live to 2500 people at the Drury Lane theatre in Londons west end. The show was watched by over 6.5 million viewers